Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is the blog site of the Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA).

The SLLA is a national liberation movement commmited to the establishment of citizens rights within Second Life. As Second Life currently operates as an authoritarian government we are going to press our demands through the tactical use of force.

As a pre-condition to any ceasefire Linden Labs must agree to the establishment of a referundum of all verified citizens on the subject of account changes. The vote must ask verified citizens if they agree with this change. We believe this kind of representative action is essential for the survival of Second Life.

All military decicions will be taken by the SLLA Chief of Staff until the SLLA is disbanded and returns to its political roots.

Enquiries should be addressed to SecondLLA@gmail.com or to our political officer Marshal Cahill within Second Life itself.

Details are also available on our website:


Freedom for Second Life!