Thursday, August 10, 2006

Report in 'The Democrat' an SL in-world newspaper


GRIDWIDE - Multiple forum postings appeared this week warning of an "in-world military campaign directed at strategically important targets" if demands for voting rights aren't met by Linden Lab. The deadline for Linden response is Thursday night at midnight. Marshal Cahill, the Political Officer of the outfit, says, "We were overwhelmed by the response in the forums and offline. A powerful idea catches the imagination very quickly". Brian Linden, who calls this type of protest a "virtual bomb threat," syas, "I can't say at this point what [Linden Lab's] response might be." In response to the charge of terrorism, Cahill say, "Terrorism is a tactic widely employed in situations where one side has an overwhelming superiority. We will not engage in double-speak and will where appropriate use tactics that disrupt the smooth running of SL. First and foremost we are a political organization that is currently forced to use military means - hence the creation of a Chief of Staff who will make all military decisions while the campaign is running." In a recent forum posting, Cahill says that while a military operation is still being planned, he also introduced proposition 1769 to create a second way for the group to achieve its goals.

The Democrat Vol.1 Issue 6 August 10,2006