Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Second Life Liberation Army Rally and Protest 3-6-07

March 6, 2007 Second Life Liberation Army Headquarters, Thylacine (252,92,92) - Two hundred members of the Second Life Liberation Army gathered at SLLA Headquarters and satellite locations in Second Life for a rally to demand Avatar rights in the virtual world of SL. The rally was followed by an action aimed at getting the attention of Second Life’s owners, Linden Labs. At the rally, SLLA President Marshal Cahill said the goal is to create the world’s first avatar democracy – “One Vote-one avatar.”

In taking today’s action, Cahill stated a goal was to demand Linden Labs meet SLLA in public debate. Cahill said, “We believe that at the moment within SL direct action is the only way to achieve our aims.” Cahill went on to say, “I have one regret today and that is that I just have one IP address to give to this cause but we have started a fire and that will not be extinguished.” Members of the SLLA were then teleported to Linden Mansion and bombarded the Lindens with instant messages demanding Avatar Rights, followed by a spirited spontaneous action at the headquarters of the French far right group Front National. After the rally, SLLA Liaison Solidad Sugarbeet said "As we are a democratic revolutionary movement, we stand united in our unequivocal opposition to far right and fascist organizations in both SL and RL (Real Life) , including Front National, Jeunesses Identiaires, and the repugnant racist organization Patriotic (sic) Nigras."

While Governor Linden was not available for comment, Robin Linden did indicate a willingness to meet with SLLA members this week. While hopeful, Solidad Sugarbeet was not impressed by this gesture. "Our demand is clear: we want a debate between SLLA and Governor Linden. Where was the openness for dialogue when First Land was taken away, or when Linden Labs started selling chunks of our world to IBM, Sony and Warner Brothers?" Sugarbeet also noted that this is neither the first nor the last time that SLLA will act. "From our actions at American Apparel last year to our resistance to corporate control of our AV lives, we are building a movement together! We will strike again very soon, count on it." Sugarbeet went on into emphasize that SLLA is planning a series of social gatherings for members, as well as meetings with the avatariat within SL. "We recognize that SLLA is not for everybody, including people who otherwise support our message. As such, we will be having meetings very soon to meet those who sympathize with our goals and wish to dialogue further with us. All power to the avatars!"

Transcript of President's Speech.

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