Sunday, August 20, 2006

Manifesto Change

Following a number of creative suggestions from Second Life users the SLLA is today announcing a change in its policy position relating to voting rights for avatars within Second Life. The new policy hopes to blend both the commercial imperative and the need for player representaion in SL. We therefore, now support the following position:

The introduction by Linden Labs of commercial shares in the company for Second Life residents. We propose that resident players should be entitled to purchase one share in Linden Labs. We understand that currently Linden Labs is a privately held company but that the mechanismism exist within this structure to grant resident SL players a share in the commercial operation. While not meeting our initial aims we feel this is a worthy interim step that would serve both the interests of Linden Labs and be a substantial step towards voting rights for resident players.

Comment: Given the success of the MMORPG platform a number of other systems are due to arrive in 2007 and Second Life may become a casualty of intense competition. The SLLA believes that participation is crucial to SL's survival -- by issuing company shares to residents Second Life would take a valuable step in this direction a step which, also could raise money to ensure SL's survivial

Tactics: The SLLA will continue to develop a disruption strategy to progress its agenda. While there is significant opposition to this strategy, to date we have achieved benefits from this direction that we believe would not otherwise be possible. Further disruption strategies should therefore, be expected.