Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Unrestricted Warfare - Midnight City

Given the fact that the majority of influential personalities in SL have interests in Midnight City we implore everyone concerned with establishing representative rights within SL to attack targets in Midnight City. Therefore, until further notice the SLLA advises all its volunteers and those interested in being part of the movement to conduct shootings and bombings in Midnight City. Anyone using the SIM is a legitimate target.

The SLLA will however, pay 500L for each successful attack in Midnight City provided a video is recorded and sent to our email address. In addition, we will pay 1,000L for a successful attack on any member of the Electric Sheep, Millions of Us or Rivers Run Red.

The elite few are increasingly taking control of SL and the only way to prevent this is to attack them where it hurts - commercially.

Freedom for Second Life!