Friday, November 24, 2006

SLLA report in the Financial Times

The mainstream press continue to cover the ideas behind the SLLA.

The relevant paragraph from the Financial Times, which was printed on 18 November 2006, is shown below:

In the middle of October, the news organisation Reuters loudly announced that it had assigned a full-time beat reporter to Second Life. Adam Reuters, real name Adam Pasick, spends his day writing business and finance stories about goings-on there. In real life he is based in London's Canary Wharf; in Second Life, where I caught up with him for a chat, he is based in a swish office which Reuters purchased on his behalf. The best things to get into in Second Life, Pasick tells me, are real estate, banking and retail. Stories he has broken include one which, at the end of October, disclosed that Linden Lab tipped off a group of long-time inhabitants before it announced higher fees for private islands, leaving the company vulnerable to the allegation that it had perpetrated a kind of insider trading. It subsequently and swiftly admitted its mistake. Pasick has also been tracking political developments; a guerrilla movement now stalks Second Life, he told me, called the Second Life Liberation Army, which is agitating in favour of greater democratic representation for SL inhabitants.