Saturday, March 31, 2007

Second Life Liberation Army Conducts Major Action Against Fascist Sims In Second Life

March 30, 2007 Second Life Liberation Army Headquarters, Thylacine (252,92,92) - Second Life Liberation Army conducted a major action today against the Second Life sim populated by Front National and other far right and neo-fascist groups. As a result, operations of these groups were seriously impaired.

SLLA recognizes that Second Life is the next step in the evolution of the use of the Internet as a potent tool for extreme reactionary and racist organizations to recruit new members. We stand united in our unequivocal opposition to far right and fascist organizations in both SL and RL (Real Life). We will continue our campaigns against these groups until they leave SL and the Internet for good.

All power to the avatars!

About Second Life Liberation Army

SLLA’s primary goal is the creation of a broad democratic initiative aimed at the election and convocation of a representative body in Second life based on One Citizen One Vote (except Alts). Absence of a citizens’ government leaves citizens vulnerable in relation to other macroeconomic and policy questions essential to the future development of SL, such as land issue, currency supply, immigration (volume of entry of new citizens), participation of RL corporate in SL, land fees and strategic priorities in stabilizing the grid.

Video of the action is available upon request.

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