Friday, August 25, 2006

Article in the Second Life Herald

Please note the recent article in the Second Life Herald on our action at the American Apparel SIM. We welcome the piece and especially commend the reporters tenacity in revealing the importance of AA to the Second Life project - this is why we chose such a sleepy hollow for our first action.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Manifesto Change

Following a number of creative suggestions from Second Life users the SLLA is today announcing a change in its policy position relating to voting rights for avatars within Second Life. The new policy hopes to blend both the commercial imperative and the need for player representaion in SL. We therefore, now support the following position:

The introduction by Linden Labs of commercial shares in the company for Second Life residents. We propose that resident players should be entitled to purchase one share in Linden Labs. We understand that currently Linden Labs is a privately held company but that the mechanismism exist within this structure to grant resident SL players a share in the commercial operation. While not meeting our initial aims we feel this is a worthy interim step that would serve both the interests of Linden Labs and be a substantial step towards voting rights for resident players.

Comment: Given the success of the MMORPG platform a number of other systems are due to arrive in 2007 and Second Life may become a casualty of intense competition. The SLLA believes that participation is crucial to SL's survival -- by issuing company shares to residents Second Life would take a valuable step in this direction a step which, also could raise money to ensure SL's survivial

Tactics: The SLLA will continue to develop a disruption strategy to progress its agenda. While there is significant opposition to this strategy, to date we have achieved benefits from this direction that we believe would not otherwise be possible. Further disruption strategies should therefore, be expected.

Friday, August 11, 2006

SLLA Military Operations Begin

American Apparel attacked

Following the lack of any progress towards introducting citizens voting rights to Second Life the SLLA began in-world military operations.

The SLLA selected as its first target the American Apparel Store in SL. Volunteers from the SLLA have been posted to the store and are preventing SL residents from buying any goods from this vendor.

The SLLA has no complaint with American Apparel but is seeking to introduce voting rights to Second Life. We hope that American Apparel will join us in putting pressure on Linden Labs to do this. The SLLA can then stop our attacks against customers using their store.

See story in SL Insider for full details - linked on this site.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Report in 'The Democrat' an SL in-world newspaper


GRIDWIDE - Multiple forum postings appeared this week warning of an "in-world military campaign directed at strategically important targets" if demands for voting rights aren't met by Linden Lab. The deadline for Linden response is Thursday night at midnight. Marshal Cahill, the Political Officer of the outfit, says, "We were overwhelmed by the response in the forums and offline. A powerful idea catches the imagination very quickly". Brian Linden, who calls this type of protest a "virtual bomb threat," syas, "I can't say at this point what [Linden Lab's] response might be." In response to the charge of terrorism, Cahill say, "Terrorism is a tactic widely employed in situations where one side has an overwhelming superiority. We will not engage in double-speak and will where appropriate use tactics that disrupt the smooth running of SL. First and foremost we are a political organization that is currently forced to use military means - hence the creation of a Chief of Staff who will make all military decisions while the campaign is running." In a recent forum posting, Cahill says that while a military operation is still being planned, he also introduced proposition 1769 to create a second way for the group to achieve its goals.

The Democrat Vol.1 Issue 6 August 10,2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prop 1769

The SLLA today introduced prop 1769 in Second Life. The proposition calls for the establishment of in-world voting rights. We believe a twin strategy of political activism and military campaigning is the best way to achieve voting rights in Second Life.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Deadline approaches

Today the SLLA notified Linden Lab employee Brian Linden that the SLLA would begin in-world military operations, at midnight on 10 August 2006, in order to achieve voting rights for Second Life residents. This would occur unless significant progress was made towards achieving in-world voting.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This is the blog site of the Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA).

The SLLA is a national liberation movement commmited to the establishment of citizens rights within Second Life. As Second Life currently operates as an authoritarian government we are going to press our demands through the tactical use of force.

As a pre-condition to any ceasefire Linden Labs must agree to the establishment of a referundum of all verified citizens on the subject of account changes. The vote must ask verified citizens if they agree with this change. We believe this kind of representative action is essential for the survival of Second Life.

All military decicions will be taken by the SLLA Chief of Staff until the SLLA is disbanded and returns to its political roots.

Enquiries should be addressed to or to our political officer Marshal Cahill within Second Life itself.

Details are also available on our website:

Freedom for Second Life!